SSAA Bendigo Range

Address: 150 Marong-Serpentine Rd, Marong VIC 3515
Phone: 0438 353 425
Range: 200 Yards, 3 Shotgun Positions

Calibre restrictions: No 50 Cal BMG or Cheytac ammunition.

The Bendigo Branch caters for rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting and offers a program for families (SAFE). Members and visitors have access to toilets and free use of earmuffs, safety glasses, sandbags, rests, target frames, silhouettes,resetting targets, spotting scopes, clay throwers, staplers and tools.

SSAA Bonang Range

Address: Bendoc-Orbost Rd, Bendoc VIC 3888
Phone: 02 6458 7212
Range: 200 Yards
Calibre restrictions: No 50 Cal BMG

The Bonang Branch is predominantly focused on rifle shooting. Members of Bonang shoot rimfire and centrefire field rifle and rimfire silhouette. The range facilities are basic, without running water or toilets, but there is a shed and plenty of trees for shelter.

SSAA Cobaw Range ( Kyneton )

Address:  Greenways Track, Lancefield, VIC 3435
Phone: 0419 701 329
Range: 200 Yards

Calibre restrictions: unknown

The Kyneton Branch caters for rimfire, centrefire and shotgun shooting at its Cobaw Range. The Branch has 100m and 200m ranges. Members and visitors have access to a barbecue, toilets and fresh water. The Cobaw range was certified for centrefire in 2016.

SSAA Daylesford Range ( Pistol )

Address:  Mill Rd, Trentham East, VIC 3458
Phone: 0432 693 252
Range: 25 Yards

Calibre restrictions: unknown

The Daylesford Branch contains 17 shooting bays for pistol shooting to 25m. Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at the range.

SSAA Eagle Park ( Little River )

Address: 165-315 Gifkins Rd, Little River VIC 3211
Phone:  03 5283 1575
Range:  500 Yards

Calibre restrictions:

The Eagle Park Range in Little River caters to all disciplines, including pistol, shotgun and large-calibre rifles. The main rifle range is open to members and the general public from 9am to 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The main public range is certified for all calibre rifles, including 50 BMG, to a distance of 500m. With about 100 benches along its covered and concreted firing line, there is room for everyone at Eagle Park.

Shotgun shooting is also available on the main public range, with a clay target thrower set up at the end of the firing line. Members can use the thrower during normal business hours. Clays can be purchased in batches of 25 for $10. The five stand range is also open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. Joining SSAA at the range will give you free range entry for that day.

SSAA East Gippsland Range

Address: Buchan Rifle Range Rd, Buchan South VIC 3885
Phone:  0418 543 962 or 0427 867 868
Range: 500 yards
Calibre restrictions:

The range has 12 lanes with concrete benches, from 25m to 500m, and caters to all calibres. Male and female toilets, running water, shelter and a picnic area provided. The range is located on the Bruthen Buchan Road, 18km from the Buchan Caves turn-off on Bruthen Nowa Nowa Road, when heading to Buchan Caves. It is on the right-hand side after crossing T-tree Creek twice. Calibre limitations: All calibres allowed, including 50 cal BMG.

SSAA Mildura Range

Address: Rifle Range Track (Boomerage Avenue and Myall Street), Cardross VIC 3496
Phone:  0427 233 417
Range: 600 yards
Calibre restrictions:

The Mildura Branch was established in 1987. After suitable land was found, a team of volunteers worked to set up the Cardross range, and shooting began in 1990. The Branch contains ranges to 100m, 300m and 600m. Facilities include a barbecue and clubrooms. Visitors must contact the branch for a suitable time to attend the range. Calibre limitations: All calibres allowed, including 50 cal BMG.

SSAA Springvale Range

Address:  714-716 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171
Phone:  03 9547 0007
Range: 50 yards
Calibre restrictions: 22LR

Springvale Shooting Range is open every day of the week. The facility, which includes a licensed bar, lounge and restaurant caters to .22 rifles only at 50m (no Magnums). It also has 25-50m pistol ranges and a 10m air rifle range. The range hosts a number of competitions throughout the week. It also caters to corporate and group bookings, such as Scout groups, birthday parties and community activities.

The 50m main range is available to the public and members. Unlicensed shooters are welcome to use the facility under the guidance of our experienced Range Officers/instructors. All visitors to the range will be inducted and given instruction on the safe handling and use of firearms. Loan firearms are available at the range. Joining SSAA at the range will give you free range entry for that day.

SSAA Nhill Range

Address: Shotgun range: 128 Yearinga Road, Kaniva VIC 3419
                 Pistol range: 30 D Merretts Road, Lillimur VIC 3420
Phone:  0408 813 246
Range:  50 yards ( Pistol ) unknown ( Shotgun)
Calibre restrictions: 

The Nhill Branch is a field shooting group that conducts rabbit and fox shoots when required. The Branch also has a shotgun range, at Kaniva Gun Club, and pistol range. The shotgun range caters to sporting clay and field shooting. The pistol club range is 50m and caters for all calibres, falling plate and paper.

SSAA Warrnambool Range

Address:  Coulahans Rd, Laang VIC 3265
Phone:  0427 676 344
Range: Unknown
Calibre restrictions: 

The Warrnambool Branch is a shotgun-only branch for people who enjoy sporting clays. The facilities include toilets, clubrooms with power, running water, air-conditioning and heating. General shoots are carried out on the first Sunday of the month. The Branch also works closely with Sporting Clays Australia, hosting nationals, state titles, world championships and international events.


SSAA Portland Range

Address:  Thistle Road, Portland VIC 3305 & LJ Jones Range Point Danger, Portland VIC 3305
Phone:  0434 512 265
Range: Thistle Road: 200 yards , Point Danger: 900 yards
Calibre restrictions: 

The Portland Branch, which was established in 1980, operates at two shooting ranges. The Thistle Road Range contains 16 benches, undercover, for benchrest to 50m, 100m and 200m. The Point Danger caters to big bore, centrefire and f-class. The range goes to 200m and 900m. There are also clubhouse facilities.


SSAA Wodonga Range

Address:  Klings Rd, Barnawartha North VIC 3691
Phone:  0488 970 293
Range: 300 yards
Calibre restrictions: 50 cal BMG

The Wodonga Branch caters for rifle, shotugun and pistol shooting, as well as smokeless and black powder. The range goes out to 300m. Also available to members and visitors are the clubrooms, toilets and camping area. Calibre restrictions: No 50 Cal BMG


SSAA Shepparton Range

Address:  1170 Midland Hwy, Pine Lodge VIC 3631
Phone:  0417 337 494 or 0419 331 374
Range: 300 yards
Calibre restrictions: 50 cal BMG

The Shepparton Branch caters for rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting, with ranges to 300m. Facilities include an air-conditioned clubhouse, hot food and toilets. New shooters are welcome to come to the range on open days. Calibre limitations: No 50 Cal BMG

SSAA Hamilton Range

Address:  Rifle Rd, Hamilton VIC 3300
Phone:  0428 725 148
Range: 500 yards
Calibre restrictions: 50 cal BMG

Six-bench rifle shooting area to 500m and 10-stand shotgun layout. The Hamilton range is available for rimfire, centrefire and shotgun shooting. A clubhouse and canteen area are also available to members and visitors. Calibre limitations: Up to 30 calibre

Calibre Sports Range ( Pistol )

Address:  260 Strath Creek Road, Broadford, Vic 3658
Phone:  0419 563 603
Calibre restrictions: 


Melbourne Gun Club Inc.  Range

Address:  192 Victoria Road, Yering, Vic 3770
Phone:  03 9739 1771
Calibre restrictions: 


Nagambie Rifle Range

Target Rifle Geelong Range

64/74 Gun dog Ln, Geelong VIC 3219

Peninsula Pistol Club Inc. Range

509 Nepean Highway MOUNT MARTHA VICTORIA 3934

Metropolitan Clay Target Club Range

Oz Shooting Ranges

123 Rossiter Rd Carrum Downs VIC 3201 Australia

Mornington Clay Target Range

Last Updated: 30 December 2017
To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate and reliable as of the date of publication; however, we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the above information.

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